My mission and approach

Welcome to Birmingham Neuropsychological Services PLLC, conveniently located within walking distance of Downtown Birmingham. My mission is to support and nurture students, and to empower children and families to understand their learning profiles and their needs. I focus on understanding the whole child and their strengths and challenges to help them to be successful. My goal is to assist students and families in a nurturing and supportive practice setting. I strive to understand every piece of the child’s functioning. It is not always about what the child is struggling with; the entire profile and strengths should be captured so that everyone working with and advocating for the student can understand how to meet their needs. In addition to illustrating the child’s profile in a number of realms, my evaluations will provide recommendations to best support the student academically, socially, emotionally, and overall in life.

My focus

My expertise includes the assessment and treatment of learning disabilities, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, social and emotional difficulties, brain injury, and other neurodevelopmental disorders. I focus primarily on children and adolescents struggling in school, at home, and in the community.  With a neuropsychological lens, I am able to explore many aspects of functioning, including academic, cognitive, memory, attention, executive functioning, language skills, visual spatial processing, visual and fluid reasoning, fine motor skills, social and emotional functioning, adaptive functioning, processing, and social skills.

My assessment training and past experience as the psychologist for Eton Academy in Birmingham allows me to understand kids for the wonderful people they are, and to help to turn challenges and vulnerabilities into strengths and passions. I love collaborating with other professionals, working with and observing students in their classrooms, and truly supporting the needs of kids to best help them reach their potential.


Lauren Worrall, Psy.D.

Dr. Lauren Worrall is a licensed clinical psychologist with a primary focus on neuropsychological and psychological assessment. She received her B.A. in psychology from Hamilton College and her doctoral degree from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She completed post-doctoral training in neuropsychology at the Neurodevelopmental Center at The Mass General Hospital for Children (at North Shore Medical Center). She also worked at Franciscan Children’s Hospital in the Boston area focusing on psychological and neuropsychological assessment, and providing therapy for students in the Boston public schools.

Dr. Worrall was the psychologist at Eton Academy in Birmingham, Michigan from 2010 to 2016. Eton Academy is a school that serves intelligent and creative students with learning differences. This unique experience at Eton Academy gives Dr. Worrall a very specialized lens to understand students who are struggling in school, as well as socially and emotionally. She has a passion for understanding students’ learning profiles, and believes that all children are capable and passionate, all with unique and important strengths.

Dr. Worrall worked at a number of therapeutic day schools in Chicago, Boston, and New York throughout her college and graduate school career. She began working with children and adolescents in 1999 at one of the oldest and most respected autism treatment centers in the country, the New England Center for Children in Boston. She also has experience at inpatient psychiatric hospitals, hospital emergency rooms, hospital outpatient clinics, and residential programs, serving students with learning, behavior, and social and emotional challenges and disabilities. Prior to working at Eton Academy, Dr. Worrall worked in Grand Rapids at the Hope Network Center for Autism, assessing students for autism spectrum disorders. This program also included residential and school components, where she provided assessment and treatment services for children and adolescents with cognitive impairments and brain injuries. Dr. Worrall also has experience working with adult populations.

Dr. Worrall opened Birmingham Neuropsycholgical Services PLLC to pursue her passion -- combining her extensive experience in schools and working with different learners in their academic environment and using her skills with psychological and neuropsychological assessment to best understand students and help to set them up for success. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, and is the mother of two wonderful children.