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How will a neuropsychological assessment help my child and me?

The neuropsychological assessment and report will provide you with:

  • An accurate diagnosis (if warranted) that can help guide effective interventions and acquire educational and developmental services.
  • Documentation of the Michigan Department of Education Eligibility Criteria (if warranted).
  • Documentation of skills before and after interventions to evaluate treatment efficacy.
  • Documentation of your child's cognitive developmental pattern over time so that medical treatments, family expectations, and school programming can be adjusted to your child's changing needs.
  • A description of your child's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Recommendations for what you can do to help your child, including recommendations for educational, medical, social and emotional and/or developmental programming.
  • Resources for community based interventions and supports.
  • Help in knowing what is fair to expect from your child at this point in time.
  • Help in knowing what your child's needs may be in the future, so that you can plan for the future.
  • Recommendations for improving your child's behavior and development. The report may offer recommendations to other specialists, such as a psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker, speech and language pathologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, or behavioral therapist for ongoing help with your child's development and behavior.