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What should I tell my child to prepare him/her for the assessment?

For school-age children, I recommend telling the child that you would like to have more information about how he/she learns, so that you can make sure that their teachers “know the best ways of teaching” him/her. You can let your child know that they will be spending time working with a doctor who wants to get to know them and how smart they are, and to understand how he/she learns and solves problems. The doctor will be asking questions, doing activities, playing games, doing some work like at school, telling stories, showing pictures and asking him/her to draw.

For younger children, you may downplay the label “doctor” if this is a frightening term, and feel free to refer to Dr. Worrall as Lauren. Reassure the child that this is a place with toys and games in the office.

Please try to ensure that your child has adequate sleep the night before, and a good breakfast on the day of testing. It is important that you convey to your child a positive and confident attitude about the evaluation experience. Dr. Worrall has a variety of snacks and drinks available for clients. If it makes the child more comfortable, please feel free to pack them their own snacks and drinks to have throughout the testing day. We will also take a break for lunch.