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What is involved in the assessment process?

  • Assessments focus on highlighting a child's strengths while also outlining specific areas of vulnerability that may be affecting the child's emotional and school life. My goal is to help children and their families better understand themselves in order to best advocate for their needs.  I also strive to help adults understand the child’s experience in a new way, in essence helping the child’s needs be more effectively communicated.
  • The testing involves an intake session with the parents (and sometimes with the older children).
  • The evaluation typically takes place over two days, approximately 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM each day (with a break for lunch).
  • Contact with other professionals (teachers, therapists or doctors) is also an essential aspect of these evaluations.
  • A school observation can be included and can be a very important part of the evaluation. 
  • A feedback session is typically scheduled with parents two weeks after the testing. A specific feedback for the child (with or without parents) is also available.
  • The final report is produced 4-5 weeks after the feedback meeting. Reports are easy to read and written for a range of readers including parents, teachers, therapists and psychiatrists. Reports are formatted for use in IEP meetings.  I send reports to the parents (or guardians) only.  Reports produced belong to the family who can share the report with whomever they would like.
  • Follow-up contact is encouraged throughout the year following the testing.